05/08/2013 may the 8th last forever?

my day started out as usual its  damis 21st birthday so i din want to bother him with dropping me off and dara boy wanted to test his parenting skills so he droped my sorry ass(my sorry late ass) at school so anyway i dont stay for tutorials again and i go home anyway i had some rice and cake uno standard birthday later at night i had vodka iachk it was like inhaling spirit so i mixed it with juice and then some more andre and orange juice for anyone reading this today is not your lucky day when you come across a sad fat girl who ended up an anorexic slut and alcoholic you can get that sensational later and oh obioma applied make up on my face so i look like this …and i dont know how i feel but its not crappy i dunno if my body and my mind is accustomed to sadness or something but i got this exilirating feeling when i told farouk to go fuck himself kinna like d one i had when i repeatedly told eni to do that before i scratch out her face so anyway im trying to focus so i can study but i cant stop reaching for my phone im nearlly finished dara nd mummy came over of course dady didnt and i dunno but it seems evernotes camera hatesmy face nd wont save my picture but dont worry the love i have for you is enough for all of us


today i cried.i finally gave in and bought a pack of choclate cream cookies now that wasent the reason so i was playing runik and the song changed Anna Kalicks just breath most of the time thats the song i always skip but i dint want to stop my game and those were the longest 4 minutes of my life i didnt wail at all on the outside but i was really dying and everything and tiny drops were leaving my eyes tiny because i dont know what happened to my tear glands who all of a sudden cant produce tears anymore so anyway at the climax of my depressed
state when i felt like screaming and dying and throwing up all at onceĀ  thank God shuffel it changes to sex bob om’s garbage truck now i cant help but smile saved by his grace!!! whop! whop!!